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The DCOMShim allows you to use alternate credentials from within VBScript, or even in .NET, prior to the first run of the RCW. Below is a sample way to use the object in VBScript.

'Replace your remote create object call (next line) with the shim object (line after next):
Set remoteObj = CreateObject("TestProj.Test", "myserver")
Set shimob = CreateObject("delegateshim.delegateshimobject.1")

msgbox("createobject worked")

'Replace "TestProj.Test" with your target object's progid.
Set remoteObj = shimob.createdelegateableobject("TestProj.Test", "rpcss/", "myserver")

msgbox("createdelegateableobject worked")

'Replace "DoSomethingWithAnotherMachine()" with your target object's method call

msgbox ("Remote method call worked.")

msgbox ("done")

Set remoteObj = nothing
Set shimobj = nothing

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